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Accounts and Financial Control Overview

Our accounts software suite ©Reynard can be used as a stand-alone accounts package or in conjunction with other products within the Vixsoft range to provide seamless integration and visibility into all areas of your business. As with all Vixsoft's products, this unique flexibility ensures systems are delivered with users' needs as the primary focus.

We are now recognised for Making Tax Digital

Simplify your workflow

Our accounts application ©Reynard is designed to simplify the accountancy function, reduce book-keeping time, and lower administration costs. We achieve this by providing you with all the tools you'll ever need in a professional accounts software package in an extremely easy-to-use format. The software is very accountant friendly; period end documentation is designed to provide everything required to streamline accounts analysis and preparation.

Work, Manage, Share

Our document storage facility allows paperwork relating to specific accounts to be electronically filed and recovered easily with minimum time and effort. This functionality is extended with additional Vixsoft plug-ins allowing users to attach documents directly from within Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above.

Scale as you need

Our ©Reynard software offers you exceptional flexibility as it can be scaled to suit your particular requirements. Choose from a comprehensive suite of standard modules which can then be adapted, if required, to complement your methods of working. Our Software provides you with the option of adding on modules as you need them, giving you a system that is able to meet the demands of a growing and ever-changing business.

True Financial Visibility

Financial data for all companies and branches are held centrally. Updates are instantaneously available system-wide, facilitating immediate visibility to users throughout the group regardless of their location. By holding the data centrally power users have the ability to interrogate and update information across your whole organisation, giving you true visibility on financial information for Purchase Ledger, Sales ledger, Nominal Ledger and control over freight jobs like placing a company on hold.

Product Features

Managing the basics

As well as supplying all the usual features you would expect from professional accounting software, Our Accounts and Financial Control (Reynard) offers functionality not found in other packages. These additional benefits include bespoke and branded reports, a contra ledger facility, task manager, and built-in payroll.

Vixsoft's flexibility extends to modifying Reynard, if required, to complement your methods of working to give you a system that is as unique as your business and one which can adapt easily to meet times of change.

Document Management

  • Ability to produce bulk Statements to be emailed or printed with a few clicks

  • Debt Letters can be used with Microsoft Word 2007 onward for Mail Merge facilities
  • Ability to produce bulk Remittances to be emailed or printed with a few clicks

  • Ability to produce Nominal Ledger Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss and Trial Balance Reports

  • Links to our Payroll directly from Nominal Ledger and gives you the use of the EOY transmission for HM Revenue (Electronically)

Software connectivity

  • Electronic Transfer to Banks (creates a specific file for importing in to various BACS online payments systems)

  • Supports 2013 RTI for HM Revenue and Customs

  • Ability to export the VAT report into a CSV for Excel or Online Submission

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007+ Add-in

  • PDF Writer

  • MAPI (For Legacy email clients)

  • MySQL and SQL output

And much much more.

Bespoke Reporting

Within our accounts and financial suite we have a wide selection and variety of reports already built in. However if you require reports that are or have specific requirements to fit the needs of your company. Our support team can assist and implement customised reports to cater for your needs.


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