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ADSL Broadband Services

Our ADSL service is second to none. We only provide this service to business users and therefore can guarantee that our service is utilised for business purposes only. We can provide various types of ADSL connections on both the 20CN and 21CN network from BT.

Our internet connections are up to 20Mbps, provided that the line and exchange support such speeds. With usage policies of 50GB, 100GB and unlimited ensures that your business gets the band-width and speed that they need at all times.

Features and Benefits

Connection to the Internet is one of life’s necessities. You need to have an active internet connection to run your business effectively.


Here at Vixsoft we pride ourselves on supplying quality connections for business users. We do not supply ADSL connections to standard home user's. Our network remains un-contended for business traffic.


Our ADSL service is available in various types, ADSL, ADSL MAX, ADSL 2+ and Annex M. All of these depend upon the current availability from BT and provide differing connection speeds dependent upon line lengths. We will always provide the best circuit available on your line.

Static and Multiple IP’s

All of our connections come with a static IP address for ease of use. Features of these include the setting up and maintaining of VPN’s. Multiple IP addresses are available upon request.


Our ADSL connections are not limited in terms of speed. They will connect as fast as the BT line will allow.


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