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Hosting Services

Getting your company online

Our web hosting and online services provides access to your website and email from the world wide web. We support Linux and Microsoft based web hosting solutions, and have a wide range of packages to suit businesses of all sizes.


In the business world, domain names are as common as telephone and fax numbers. If your advertisements and business cards don't display a domain name, you run the risk of being completely passed over by customers that prefer to browse merchandise and services online.

We offer registration services for domain names in conjunction with our hosting services to enable you to have your own unique name for your hosting and email.

Website Hosting

Our platforms will support all the popular server components including: ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft .NET, PHP, Perl & mod_perl, C/C++/Tcl, Server Side Includes (SSI), SSL, MySQL, FTP Access and much more.

Custom applications may be introduced after further investigation, taking into consideration that we offer shared platforms. Application's may affect the performance of the platform, or cause other implications to other customers.

Email Hosting

An email account allows you to send and receive mail, which can include attachments such as files, pictures and music.

Vixsoft Systems email hosting services gives you the flexibility of managing your companies email accounts. All accounts are managed through a simple web interface. This allows you to create new POP3 email account, forwarders, auto-responders and email aliases.

We also offer an SMTP feed service which is ideal for companies who wish to control their own email accounts, using a server located at their premises (example: Microsoft Exchange and Mdeamon).

Secure web hosting

If your website transfers sensitive or security-related data, such as credit card transactions, then a secure web hosting add-on package is available. Secure hosting encrypts your information with a unique key and then un-encrypts at the client's end. We provide two levels of security encryption, 64 bit and 128 bit.


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