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Networking & Security

Modern technology is enabling business communication in ways never before imagined. But with the advances comes new and potentially devastating threats - both internally and externally. Many Businesses make the mistake of concentrating on technical areas before examining their information security policy. We look at the "bigger picture" approach by looking at the critical areas of your organisation.

We will help you find practical ways to enable your business to secure and protect your information systems using industry leading technology and solutions. Most understand the need to protect cars, homes, and jewellery against the unknown. But many businesses don't protect their most important asset - their information. Could you survive without your servers, internet or email for a day or for weeks if a building fire keeps you out? Vixsoft Systems can provide contingency plans for your valuable information.

How do I secure my network and data?

No single solution protects you from a variety of threats. To defend against multiple types of threats it is recommended that you use multiple layers of security. If one fails, others still stand. Network security is accomplished through hardware (Firewall's, Routers and Intrusion Prevention Systems) and software (Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware Solutions). The software must be constantly updated and managed to protect you from emerging threats.

Vixsoft Systems can manage and maintain your systems, removing the outlay for your own I.T. Personnel while still having a team of experts monitoring and keeping your data and network Infrastructure safe.

Managed firewall

We can plan, install, configure and manage firewalls in your network.

Using equipment from Cisco and ZyXEL, we place protection around the network to prevent unauthorised access from external sources.

Managed remote access

Providing secure access to a highly distributed workforce is a challenge for any IT infrastructure small or large. Employees travel or work from home. Contractors and suppliers need controlled, secure access from their locations.

Through remote access services, we can design, implement and manage your remote network access solution. We provide network infrastructure that lets users securely access your network from PCs, smartphones or PDAs.

If you need to connect offices securely, protect your data or you wish to deploy a network security infrastructure, Vixsoft Systems Limited can help.


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